“Last winter, Ontario Parks warned people not to feed foxes in

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knockoff handbags (Supplied/Bill Gardner)”But then it approached specifically the driver’s seat of the car, and waited,” he says.”We moved several hundred metres away, and it followed us.”‘Unusual, but not unheard of’The ministry of natural resources and forestry cannot confirm whether the animal is a coyote or a wolf. Heather Pridham, who works with the MNRF in Timmins, says no one has reported the animal, but they’re keeping an eye on the situation.”Wolves and coyotes are nocturnal animals, so they would do most of their travelling and hunting by night, in the really early morning or late evening,” says Pridham.”This probably started with someone stopping and offering food to the animal. So it’s unusual, but not unheard of.”Last winter, Ontario Parks warned people not to feed foxes in the area. knockoff handbags

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