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THAT WHAT I WOULD DO TO HELP SOCIAL SECURITY. THAT WOULD SAVE, JUST SO YOU KNOW, OVER $1.2 TRILLION OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS. THAT WOULD MAKE THAT SYSTEM SECURE. Smith, Ryan M. Keelin, Sara Anne McClellan, Shakierah G. Blackmon, Shanley B. The difference seems to be that chiro throws in a whole bunch of extra pseudoscientific bullshit and that it still very common for many chiros to make outrageous claims like chiro can cure cancer by manipulation, etc. And also that other forms of treatment, such as PT, are evidence based, meaning research is done first, then treatment options are designed from the research conclusions. In contrast, chiro created its treatment options first and is now attempting to find the scientific evidence to support them.

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