Its conduct and result, of course, could not stand in greater

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Very different referendums raise concern for the Union

canada goose outlet new york city Debate over the wisdom of using a captured the mood of many in canada goose sale uk the UK when he reminded us this week that used to say that a referendum is the chosen vehicle of a dictator. Mussolini, for instance, was a fan: totalitarians like referendums, usually because parliament is an obstacle to the preferred policy. Many speak of as the worst British prime minister in history, simply because canada goose outlet official of his decision to canada goose outlet uk sale call a referendum. canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose factory outlet They would say that wouldn’t they? The most recent referendum in the UK has turned over several rocks to reveal many canada goose factory outlet a slippery, slimy creature that most voters were canada goose outlet new york either unaware of or would have preferred to have stayed in comfortable obscurity on the back benches canada goose outlet toronto address of the House of Commons. canada goose factory outlet

goose outlet canada It’s not just about odious individuals. Issues have been canada goose outlet black friday raised that many would have preferred to have kept in a locked box. Now in the open, those issues canada goose outlet winnipeg aren’t going to go away. goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet nyc At the top of the list of canada goose outlet in usa uncomfortable questions is the one surrounding Northern Ireland. The two referendums in either country have put in sharp relief the differences between the two parts of canada goose factory outlet vancouver Ireland and the gulf between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The canada goose outlet online future of the UK canada goose outlet phone number is, as a result, firmly in play. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet uk The Republic rightly basks in the congratulations of the world at large in the wake of its own referendum. Its conduct and result, of course, could not stand in greater contrast to the Brexit vote. In Ireland, a lot of thought went into canada goose uk site the question being asked, the way it was asked and the public debate that preceded the vote itself. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose black friday sale canada goose outlet ottawa If there isn’t yet a border running down the middle of the Irish Sea there are enough “misalignments” already between the North and the rest of the UK to at least canada goose kensington parka uk describe it as a dotted line. canada goose canada goose outlet ontario black friday sale

canada goose outlet uk sale And now the Republic is seen to be not just a member but canada goose outlet mississauga a leader of the global family of liberal, canada goose outlet nyc tolerant and enlightened nations. Don’t underestimate the quiet relief and gratitude of many people around the world for a country that canada goose jacket outlet store is standing up to the populist, fascist, misogynistic rhetoric so plainly in view in both Washington DC and Westminster. Where, we wonder, does that leave the North? canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet canada Brexit trundles on towards its deadline, now a mere 10 months away. That there is canada goose jacket outlet sale no clarity over canada goose outlet paypal anything, including the Irish Border, reveals an irresponsibility of the political class of breathtaking proportions. canada goose outlet florida Whatever one’s view of Brexit, everyone should now be preparing for it. That is impossible, given we know nothing about what it will look like or even when it will really happen. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet black friday For Ireland, the State that will be affected the most by Brexit perhaps canada goose outlet new york city even more so than the UK itself it is clearly time to start preparing for the worst outcome. While that might not be our central expectation, the chances of something nasty happening are clearly rising. canada goose outlet canada goose outlet los angeles black friday

canada goose outlet online Ideology rather than practical politics still dominates UK Brexit discourse. Nobody seems able to inform public debate about the ferocious complexity of the process. As a result, ideologues set the agenda. They can say anything they like, using jargon that few understand a clue is often the citing of obscure WTO rules and, as a result, they are taken seriously. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet in usa For an example, read Ian Dunt’s dismantling of Jacob Rees Mogg’s claim to expertise. As Dunt said, “Rees Mogg’s nonsense can travel halfway around the world before the fact checkers have got their boots on”. canada goose outlet in usa

canada canada goose jacket outlet goose outlet reviews Meanwhile, the adults at the Bank of England revealed this week they are preparing for a disorderly Brexit. They have, I think, spotted that the UK is drifting precisely towards that outcome. The Brexiteers know that if they can stop anybody actually doing anything, hard Brexit happens in a short while. canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose outlet toronto factory How does Ireland prepare for this? The economic fallout, at several percentage points of GDP, is just a guess, albeit a sensible one. A fudge that pushes all decisions out into the far future is still perfectly possible but that canada goose outlet belgium is precisely the outcome the Brexiteers are trying to prevent. canada goose outlet toronto factory

canada canada goose outlet vip goose outlet shop So it remains highly unstable with very unpredictable consequences. The economics of chaos canada goose outlet shop are relatively easy: just think of a number and stick a minus sign in front of it. But ideologically driven processes often have ideological outcomes: the canada goose outlet black friday sale union that is the UK looks very unstable right now. Prepare for the unexpected canada goose outlet shop canada goose discount uk.

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