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Hermes Kelly Replica Rahul Dravid [Images] had edged Razzaq behind the keeper; the two took a brace, hermes replica birkinbag Sehwag called for the third but ran rather casually. Umar Gul meanwhile raced around the field, produced a superb sliding stop and, with the keeper out of position, produced a perfect parabola of a throw onto the middle of middle stump.Sachin Tendulkar [Images] initially was content to go along in Sehwag’s slipstream; however, once his partner throttled back, Tendulkar took on the onus of blasting the ball around a lofted drive over mid off, off Asif, was out of a playbook he seemed to have forgotten; a clever whip to hermes kelly bag replica fine leg, and a scorching on drive of Umar Gul, were standouts in an innings that, despite birkin replica Sehwag’s fireworks, stood out in its own right. He was just getting into the sort of touch where he looks capable of carrying on for ever, when his tendency to get cute got the better of him Hermes Kelly Replica.

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