It is ideas like these keep women back professionally and

Rui on 19 de Dezembro de 2014

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And secondly there a certain charm to cheapness in older films; I always loved seeing the wolfman for example in the Cantina, and was upset when they replaced him with a cgi lizard or something (which ironically looks cheaper than the wolf suit). I expect to see dated effects anyway when I watch 50 year old films, I don see why it a big deal to leave it. After all, the theatrical cut was what made Star Wars an overnight sensation worldwide.

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For example, an employer should not assume that a female employee would not be interested in a promotion solely because she is pregnant. This implicit assumption is based on the notion that women are not capable of working and having a family or that women should be limited to hermes replica belt buckle only one. It is ideas like these keep women back professionally and economically.

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