It has eclipsed tandoori chicken in India because of its sheer

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Last summer, a Wall Street Journal article pointed out that millennials are increasingly turning away from McDonald in favor of fast casual. Yet a chart in the story shows that roughly 75% of millennials said they go to McDonald at least once a month, while only 20% to 25% of millennialsvisit a fast casual restaurant of any kind that frequently. Similarly, data collected by Morgan Stanley cited in a recent Business Insider post shows that millennials not only eat at McDonald more than at any other restaurant chain, but that they just as likely to go to McDonald as Gen Xers and more likely to dine there than Boomers..

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canada goose outlet But now, I have a new candidate for India national dish: the dosa. It has eclipsed tandoori chicken in India because of its sheer ubiquity. It turns up all over the country and because it is cheap and relatively easy to make, it has become India default office lunch option, and at hotels all over canada goose outlet online uk the country it is (along with the idli) the preferred breakfast dish canada goose outlet vip for 80 canada goose outlet online store per cent of guests.. canada goose outlet

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