It gives you more leverage to negotiate a better deal from

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Based on the reaction to a tweet the Republican senator posted on Monday, that hypothesis is fked up.The tweet features video of the Democratic candidate for senator cursing at various times during campaign events, along with a snide implication that an O’Rourke rally may get a little salty.A lighthearted reminder: A September 3, 2018Although the ad might appeal to the pearl clutching demographic, the effect so far seems to be similar to what happened last week when the Texas GOP tried to make O’Rourke look bad by pointing out he was once in a band.Of course, they had to mention that time Cruz’s Twitter accountliked a faux incest porn video.A reminder that one year ago Ted Cruz officially “liked” a porn movie with this description:”Cory has not been getting along with her step daughter Kacey. They were getting along fine by the end of the film.”Ted Cruz idea of “family friendly” is not safe for children.Hey Ted, I was having a little chat with your old Princeton roommate about how you used to go creep around the girls’ dorm in a bathrobe.Many of us have taken our kids 2 Beto rallies. Ya wanna know what happened? They got interested in politics coming together 4 positive change.

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