Instead canada goose outlet online uk we will refer canada

admin on 19 de Novembro de 2013

Posting is locked

I don yet.

In the mean time, enjoy some quality reading from some more contemporary canada goose black friday sale blogs, recent events, and other manosphere insights.

As an aside, buy canada goose jacket cheap I believe when the lockdown is over I think we will reopen canada goose outlet new york city posting links to manosphere blogs. Part of canada goose black friday sale our stagnation has been limiting the voices of canada goose outlet online our manosphere bloggers who undoubtedly have more interesting things to say canada goose outlet parka than the 17 year old kid on canada goose outlet reviews holiday break telling us about how he touched a boob once.

Also, kids take note: The front page of TRP today is exactly what I uk canada goose outlet like to see. Quality posts, intriguing discussion, debatable points, and thought provoking ideas.

In the canada goose uk black friday future, if you are about to post and you think your canada goose outlet shop post would look out of place among this current front page. Don post it. Seriously, just don want to also comment on field reports. They been canada goose outlet in usa a staple of our sub canada goose since canada goose clearance sale as long as I remember. We not doing away with them. But, if your field report doesn have a really big conclusion, confirm a wild theory that is controversial, or raise canada goose outlet uk questions that the community can discuss, I will soon direct your field Canada Goose Jackets reports to /r/thanktrp as they are more a testament of canada goose coats on sale success today buy canada goose jacket rather than a data point for theories.

When (if) posting is re opened, we will remove posts aggressively (moreso than usual) and we will not give individual replies as to why. Instead canada goose outlet online uk we will refer canada goose outlet uksale to this post.

But up canadian goose jacket until this lockdown, canada goose canada goose uk outlet outlet jackets it has been a canada goose outlet nyc bunch of 16 year olds spreading profanity calling canada goose outlet everyone and has Canada Goose Coats On Sale been alot of confusion in cheap canada goose uk the minds goose outlet canada Canada Goose Online of newbies who don read the cheap Canada Goose sidebar, this confusion spreads and divides the community between official canada goose outlet canada goose coats beliefs.

If the sub stays on lockdown, I wouldn care. It would canada canada goose uk shop goose outlet store uk just be nice to have it the way canada goose store it canada goose outlet black friday was back in the day.

What annoying me right now is a lot of Canada Goose sale posts, even from endorsed contributors, are becoming crap and no longer follow trp truths and conventions. Everyone wants to add their own opinion as a trpfact, even when it directly digresses from TRP origin and known truth.

I suggest canada goose clearance giving the tagged members some responsibility by implementing a review system where virtually canada goose outlet canada anyone can post, but the post has to get reviewed by them before making it, old school forum rules, and if it not feasible through reddit than perhaps it canada goose outlet toronto factory time we ditched this platform and move to your main controlled page, reddit can stay for the sidebar, but the discussion moves canada goose factory outlet on elsewhere, that the only way i see this work as Canada Goose Outlet good canada goose factory sale as it used toI fully agree but you can deny that even some endorsed users canada goose jacket outlet are spewing the same garbage like the newbies when it uk canada goose comes to the delivery of their message in a post. It just reads some hidden hate in women instead of understanding the game and playing it right with peace of mind.

It Is canada goose outlet sale Canada Goose online in these times where you need strict dictatorship within a sub to ban all the newbies and fucktards for a couple of days and clean it up. TRP doesn have to have to have this negative image. Back before TRP, there was a guy making podcasts which was exactly TRP, but he delivered it in such a way that everyone agreed with him. It made sense, there was no hate, it was respectful for both genders and so on. It only because of Canada Goose Parka the cancerous users of TRP that the public considers TRP to be canada goose outlet store so toxic with which noone wants to be associated with.

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