I use a handsaw and a rasp file to get the shapes I want

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Size Pokemon Statues

canada goose outlet online The main building material is rigid insulation foam, it starts off looking like 8 long white foam boards which I typically carve profile, over head, or whichever useful angle I need into until I have several boards with the shape, then I adhere them together with expanding liquid foam to make a block (except Lapras, who was still using my old method of adhering with expanding glue instead). Once dry, I can carve :) The liquid foam is also carve able. All the pieces, big canada goose black friday sale or small, are made like this. Connections are usually plastic piping, bamboo, cut broomsticks, etc so that everymon can be taken apart to fit canada goose coats through a standard door. Making a Pokemon is only about half the work, making it break apart is the other half. I use a handsaw and a rasp file to get the shapes I want. Idon use power tools. Finally, after sanding, I paper mch them (flour water only), sand again, and paint with acrylic! 😀 The workspace I do all this in (other than Lapras) has been in my living canada goose room, my mom living room, my den, and my mom spare room. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet mississauga Who are you, do you do this for a living, and why did you make them? canada goose outlet mississauga

canada goose outlet eu I a 28 yr old woman from Toronto, Ontario who works as a private after school program co ordinator for young children. Making big foam Canada Goose Jackets costumes and statues is my Canada Goose Parka hobby, I do it for fun. :) I bring my techniques into my work place though for crafting (we made a big foam serpent last year that seems to be swimming through the floor). I made Lapras last year on a whim like my other projects, the idea spawning something like so; “I want to Canada Goose Outlet make a Pokemon kids can climb on. Lapras. I like Lapras. Done. Make Lapras.” So I made a Lapras :) canada goose store The rest were logical continuations of a well received project that I enjoyed working on. I wanted a cool diverse team filled with Pokemon I like that have different colourations and body structures and sizes. Each one has a different reason for being chosen (I go into that at a later time though). canada goose outlet eu

canada goose outlet vancouver Where are they now, where will they be shown Canada Goose online next, and where do they go after canada goose uk shop they been displayed? canada goose outlet vancouver

official canada goose outlet The whole team is at Anime North in Toronto right now. There is a mostly confirmed plan canada goose factory sale to have them and new additions at FanExpo in August. :) official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet uk fake I seem to make big Pokmon an bit smaller than their dex entries and small Pokmon a bit bigger. But they are roughly the same canada goose clearance sale size XD Rayquaza seems to be (according to something I read, Rayquaza is supposed to be a bit longer than Alolan Exeggutor is tall, and my Rayquaza is 47 from nose to tail tip. Lapras is a bit small, Rapidash is more or less the right height if he wasn rearing up, and Trapinch and Jolteon I kinda ballparked since I was rushing at that point to get them done in time for the convention but should be close. (I actually get to measure and compare everymon after the convention is over). canada goose outlet uk fake

canada goose parka outlet Lapras: The first Pokmon statue I made. She was using my older techniques and canada goose uk black friday materials which included using expanding glue to hold the boards together and a foam dust/mache mix I called foam mache to do corrective sculpting (which is highly inefficient). buy canada goose jacket cheap She also had different foam boards. I started using expanding foam with her but not Canada Goose sale nearly to the degree I did when I started Rayquaza a month later. She about 6 7 tall and build like a tank to have kids be able to climb on her cheap canada goose uk and sit on her back. I worked on her over the last summer and documented my build time at 210 hours if canada goose uk outlet I remember correctly. canada goose parka outlet

canada goose jacket outlet uk Rayquaza: uk canada goose 47 long from nose to tail tip if stretched out, height is just shy of 15 He requires a ladder to get all his parts on. uk canada goose outlet He has a steel stand holding his upper body up which extends canada goose coats on sale through his neck. My dad canada goose clearance helped me put that together based off of my plans. I started him in August, then only worked on him on the weekends for a few months. The last few months I started putting more and more hours into him as I realized how long it was going to take to finish. I estimate about 4 5 months of solid work sessions. canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose coats uk Rapidash: About 9 tall. His flames were probably the most elaborate and time consuming part of the whole project. I started him about a month after Rayquaza I think. I often worked on buy canada goose jacket him after work where Ray got the early part of the day before work. There was also a period of weekend only weeks for him. (I just had no idea). canada goose coats uk

canada goose outlet trillium parka black Jolteon and Trapinch: I started them a week before the convention. I was really running out of time by that point so I played a bit faster and looser with them than I normally would have and kept my pace up by trying not to dwell on planning or accuracy. Thankfully, they turned out fine! canadian goose jacket XD Jolteon face ended up being a breakthrough to me on how the planes of a shape Canada Goose Online work and I noticed my ability to perceive how to move details from different views improve immediately. I eager to make more Pokemon and see how my faces turn out since I typically Canada Goose Coats On Sale don like how they turn out from the front. canada goose outlet trillium parka black

canada goose factory outlet toronto location Other questions/notes mix batch because I falling asleep at my keyboard: canada goose factory outlet toronto location

canada goose parka uk More build logs a coming, cheap Canada Goose same with more pics! The Pokmon are transported by truck (we had a 17 truck to move to Anime North, Rayquaza took the first trip and everymon else took the second trip). I was looking forward to making my promo teaser image shown earlier in the day for months, unfortunately I was so tired even when making it in the morning that it didn turn out quite like I imagined. Thank you to TexasAndroid who addressed the promo image and made a lovely link up to Lapras! 😀 Okay I wrote way more than I thought time to sleep night night Thank you so much everyone for being so wonderful! (Also thank you kind stranger for the reddit gold canada goose parka uk.

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