I mean the whole point is tropes after all

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What? I have a page for myself? That’s kinda odd I guess, but hey, what ever suits this site. I mean the whole point is tropes after all. Well, I’m WooperWinchester, ‘sup? Well, I suppose that I put tropes I worked on specifically or tropes that apply to me here, right? Hm, I’ll get back onto that eventually, I guess..

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Replica Handbags Gray Rain of Depression: In “HISTORY OF THE OTHER SIDE” and “The Umbrella of Glass”. Great Balls of Fire: Occasionally, although usually their costumes are the flashiest parts of their live performances. Grief Song: “Serenade.” While the song was composed before Jasmine’s death, the music video was released afterwards and dedicated to him Replica Handbags.

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