I hated math based physics the most; fluids and controls were

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I am not going Canada Goose online to sugarcoat it. Physics canada goose factory sale is the most important foundation mechanical engineering is built off of. If you arent willing to spend years of your canada goose black friday sale life studying physics, statics dynamics thermo and fluid buy canada goose jacket dynamics are rooted in physical sciences.

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Oh baby. I very much disliked physics. I hated math based physics the most; fluids and controls were the worst because I was terrible at linear algebra and multivariable. Tbh, I did terrible in those classes. Not to discredit my professors, I was just unmotivated to care.

Sounds like you are the complete opposite of me, somethings just go naturally for different uk canada goose outlet people. My main point is if you work hard enough to apply your knowledge as a ME you can make anything work. I guarantee you will find something youre canada goose outlet uk good at/passionate about. Mechanical engineering is the foundations to many other engineering disciplines from biomechanics to fluids to controls to material science to circuits. In my opinion its the most malleable engineering degree.

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