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sophisticated school

Another yan sim redesign! It Miyuji Shan!

canada goose coats on sale Miyuji current design is alittle too punk for a sophisticated school, so in this redesign, the punk design is toned down. Instead of piercings and bracelets, she gets a music note hair clip and solid colour tights with two small music notes. Her hairstyle has change into an actual side tail hairstyle. Another note is, part of her design is based from Noodle, who is a guitarist of the British virtual Canada Goose Parka band, Gorillaz (which I a HUGE FAN OFF)! canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket Miyuji name is now Setsuko Takemura, Setsuko meaning childand Takemura being the combination of Take, meaning samurai and Mura meaning Takemura is an homage to Japanese idol/model Kiriko Takemura, whose idol name is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!! buy canada goose jacket

canada goose Miyuji reworked personality and interest is that she a lover for music and books (keeping her bookworm trait), she has always shown interest for both, she a pretty good guitarist and is a huge fan of the canada goose

Scott Pilgrim series, she loves reading various novels and listening and covering various musics (from any country/ language and style). She has a YouTube channel where she records herself playing with her indie band (The Strawberry Thieves) or doing solos or talking about her favourite books and reviewing them. She loves learning about new things and showing others her passion and love for music to others. At the beginning of the school years, she shy and reclusive to others because she wasn confident in showing her skills, she would try to stray away from anything social because she believed she wasn skilled enough or good enough to fit in with the others. Not much is known about how she became the happy, cheerful and energetic canadian goose jacket girl who wants to help others find her passion in music, to her, to them, it was like a (of her personality not appearance), someone must buy canada goose jacket cheap have inspired her, or someone must have seen her playing her music when she was just a shy canada goose store reclusive girl. As for Miyuji, she is a fun energetic girl, she can be loud, but she proud of it, she loves to help others find their inner melody and unleash it to the world, and she loves to help others, sometimes she can end up bring weight on the younger students she inspires and that can cause her to feel guilty that he wasn able to canada goose coats push them in the right direction, she trying her best, and she the Light Music Club President.

Tools used: Sai, Photoshop

Raise your hands if you know what rhetoric means.

Okay, great. Now put down.

Canada Goose Outlet I got some unfortunate news for you. You probably wrong. But don worry, even Google gives you the wrong definition, so how were you gonna know, right? I gotcha, friends, don worry. Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket Rhetoric, as defined by our favorite search engine, is a persuasive but ultimately manipulative way of speaking. But that just plain wrong, folks. Rhetoric is actually so much more, like every form of communication we as humans use. Ya know, just that little thing we all do every day, all day to do what we want, get what we need, share the details of our lives It is not just that negative, political word meant to make someone speech seem manipulative or untrue. Well, technically it is, but rhetoric is everything we say and write, so yes and no. In short, rhetoric does not equal a bad false thing. canadian goose jacket

Rhetoric hastwo major parts you need to know about right away. They are the Heuristic process and Hermeneutic theory. Heuristic processes are the strategies used for the creation of something. Hermeneutic theories/ methods are the lenses used for the interpretation of things. (There more to say about these things, but we got a lot to cover. I can hit these heavier in another post if you ask.) Okay, not too hard yet, hopefully. Now let talk about the Rhetorical canada goose coats on sale Situation!

There are three main parts: exigence, audience, and constraints. Exigence is the problem being spoken about. Audience (pretty self explanatory) is whoever is hearing the speech or reading the text. Constraints are the context and literal limits to a situation. It important to remember that you can have rhetoric without there first being a situation.

canada goose uk shop Cool! Now we should have a pretty good idea of what rhetoric is. Let jump into that good nitty gritty jazz now!!! canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Online First, let start by naming the three schools of thought of Rhetoric in order of oldest to newest: Sophistic, Platonic, and Aristotelian. no one has time for, so let keep it simple, yeah? Canada Goose Online

canada goose store Okay, so, the sophistic epistemology isn that hard to understand. Basically, we as humans have Canada Goose Jackets senses that are too flawed to allow us to know the absolute truth. Therefore, the absolute truth doesn exist, and if it did, we couldn understand it. Even if we could understand, we wouldn be able to communicate it. This got the biggest name in sophism, Protagoras (c. 485 411 BC), in hot water. He was agnostic and got banned from Athens for it. He was a proponent for democracy in Athens and is heralded as the father of debate. Another important rhetorician is Gorgias (c. 485 380 BC) who saw the use of rhetoric Canada Goose Outlet in politics and recognized its uses as a tool. He helped build the foundation for great speech writing by teaching that speakers should know how to speak rationally and imaginatively, which rhythm(aka kairos(timing)), animation(aka delivery) and coordination(aka kosmos(aka proper length)) developed from. He also saw rhetoric as a tool for uniting humanity. Gorgias also taught Isocrates (c. 436 338 BC), who went Canada Goose online on to teach his students to speak ethically with civic duty in mind. He inspired Aristotle (Everything is connected, my dudes). canada goose store

First one down! Let talk about platonic epistemology now. So, according to this school of thought, there is an absolute truth, but it otherworldly. We can attain this truth, but we have to work for it. Our souls came from the noumenal (new men al) world according to this thought, a place where everything is perfect. When we took mortal from, we forgot that perfection and truth and now have to study and work hard to remember what we knew before. Plato and Socrates thought Socratic cheap Canada Goose dialogue (if you wanna be fancy was a good way to work towards remembering the truth. Plato gets really into this whole thought in his Allegory of the Cave, which is pretty cool, you should go read it for more info. So, clearly platonic and sophistic thought don agree well. Plato freaking hated the sophistic school of thought. He hated it so much he wrote a fanfic burn book called the Gorgias in which his man crush, Socrates, totally destroys Gorgias with his superior intellect in a debate. You should read this too. Plato believed in an absolute truth, and sophism did not. He couldn let that stand, so he helped tear down sophism standing along with rhetoric so that people wouldn trust it. He believed sophism and it rhetoric were too manipulative and ethically wrong. Later in life, he got a bit more tolerant and saw some value in it, but the damage was done. He wanted people to speak and teach ethically, to save their souls and know absolute truth. His work to destroy the credit of rhetoric and sophism has had effects that last well into today, as shown by Google dictionary definition. He also didn like writing because he felt it couldn defend itself well and could end up in the hands of the wrong audience. lol.

cheap Canada Goose Finally, we got Aristotelian thought. Aristotle (c. 384 322 BC) kinda dials back Plato thought and believes that the absolute truth does exist, but that it is here in this world with us and can be observed and proved with science. As for rhetoric, Aristotle saw it as an art that was vital for human survival and taught rhetoric as the sophists did. He saw rhetoric as a counterpart to Socratic dialogue too and came up with the three audience appeals: ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion). He also developed/named the three types of speech: ceremonial, political, and legal. Aristotle studied under Plato and also tutored Alexander the Great, which is pretty cool. It all connected, folks. cheap Canada Goose

uk canada goose So, now you know a little more about rhetoric and the main schools of thought. It pretty cool, right?! Which one do you agree with the most? Is there more you want to know? Send me a message with a question and let figure out the canada goose answer together! Canada Goose sale See something you think is incorrect? Message me and we figure it out together. Let keep learning! uk canada goose

Patricia, and Bruce Herzberg. The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present. 1990. pp. 80 84

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Lee, Rory. (Overview). Rory. (Overview). Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Lee, Rory. Sophists (Overview).

Canada Goose Parka Lee, Rory. Lecture, August 30 October 10, 2018. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk outlet Sophists. Rhetoric and Human Consciousness: a History, by Craig R. Smith, Waveland Press, 2009, pp. 40 So a while back I had posted buy canada goose jacket this OTP AU prompt thing and someone asked about the fake relationship/marriage one. I can’t for the life of me remember which of you lovelies it was now but I’ve been thinking of it since and, well, I should be working on the fics I already have going but this happened. So far it has no official title, but may if I decide to keep going with it. Because I need another fic obviously. And yes it is another University, professor!Solas, one because yes. canada goose uk outlet

Emma Lavellan started the night feeling on top of the world. It was the holiday party for all the University staff so she canada goose clearance sale knew that Cullen would be here. She’d enlisted the help of Dorian for the nights plans. The perfect dress, the perfect make up, the perfect everything. It wasn’t that she still had feelings for Cullen, but one had to look good for an ex. Especially when you’d been in a relationship with the person for years.

Canada Goose Jackets The dress was a soft blue that brought out the blue of her vallaslin and her eyes. It rested off her shoulders to show off her neck and the curves of her breasts. The dress hugged to the dip of her waist before flowing out. She’d opted for nothing but a pair of earrings and make up that was a more natural look, although it was still more than she was used to wearing. Canada Goose Jackets

Dorian had helped her pick out the dress and put on the make up. She was canada goose black friday sale more than willing to accept the fact that his expertise on these things far outshone her own and, not for the first time, thanked her lucky stars that she had such a friend. She still felt grateful despite the fact that he was supposed to canada goose clearance be her wingman for the night, but had vanished an hour or so ago.

canada goose coats This had left her with Leliana and Vivienne which, of course, led to a political discussion on the Chantry and its attempts at regulating the University. An interesting matter of which Emma leaned more towards Leliana’s point of view, which was the Chantry should have very little say over what the university taught, if any at all. Vivienne was the opposite canada goose coats.

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