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Make sure to fill in all fields of the issue template. [Update: new users only] Nest to turn off their API. Update May 16: Nest just announced in a blog post that they changed their plan. It will still retire the Works with Nest program at the end of writing websites August, but it will no longer cut off existing users of the API.

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Article rewrite assistant. Russell Baker, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose whimsical, irreverent “Observer” column appeared in The New York Times and hundreds of other newspapers for 36 years and turned a backwoods-born Virginian into one of America’s most celebrated writers, died on Monday at his home in Leesburg, Va. The cause was complications from a fall, according to his son Allen Baker. Baker, along with the syndicated columnist Art Buchwald (who died in 2007), was one of the best-known newspaper humorists of his time, and The Washington Post ranked his best-selling autobiography, “Growing Up,” with the most enduring recollections of American boyhood — those of James Thurber, H. Baker was a police reporter, a rewrite man and a London correspondent for The Baltimore Sun, and after 1954 a Washington correspondent for The Times, rising swiftly with a clattering typewriter and a deft writer’s touch to cover the White House, Congress and the presidential campaigns of 19. In a career begun in a rakish fedora and the smoky press rooms of the 1940s, Mr. Then, starting in 1962, he became a columnist for The Times and its news service, eventually composing nearly 5,000 “Observer” commentaries — 3.7 million insightful words on the news of the day — often laced with invented characters and dialogue, on an array of subjects including dreaded Christmas fruitcake and women’s shoulder pads.

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Sigh. Another one. This time it’s not a small one either: Nest is disabling their APIs.

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