He wasn the worst player on his line

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Also, ew. I don care if it legal, huge age gaps are scummy a majority of the time, especially if he was interested in her before she was legal and probably grooming her then. There obviously exceptions where people genuinely have loving relationships with big age gaps, but those are few and far between..

canada goose No making fun of transgenders! No rape jokes! Ricky Gervais properly skewered this thinking in his Netflix special “Humanity,” in which he explained that while rape isn’t funny, when it comes to jokes about rape, it depends on the joke. (In his case, the joke involved mocking a Christian fundamentalist who said he looked forward to Gervais going to hell and being raped by Satan.) As for Gervais’ jokes about Caitlyn (ne Bruce) Jenner, he pointed out that if all jokes about trans people are “transphobic,” then all jokes about Bill Cosby must be racist.Yet New York Times columnist Lindy West paints Gervais as a public menace, calling his jokes “dangerous” because they perpetuate the “continuing international emergency” that https://www.canadagoosecheaps.ca is “transphobia.” West lumps Gervais in with “white men [who] were so victimized by the ‘sensitivity’ of marginalized people, they had no choice but to vote for Donald Trump.”In fact, it’s people like Caitlyn Jenner who are worshiped so devoutly in our culture that you risk widespread condemnation and even damage to your career should you dare criticize or take issue with anyone who happens to be transgender. The people truly marginalized are Trump supporters, whom almost none of the cultural elites are afraid to mock canada goose.

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