Even if you tend to shun New Age principles

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cheap jordans from china This accessibility is a double edged sword, however, because now seemingly everybody is doing it. Over the last several years, literally millions of people have begun establishing their personal brandthrough Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. It free marketing, the theory goes, so why not aggressively self promote and sell? The problem with that line of thought is that most people don log on to Facebook or Twitter looking to be sold something. People use Facebook and Twitter to build relationships, both personal and professional. The key to establishing your brand on these sites is to build relationships. Spend more time replying to status updates and tweets than you do creating your own. When you see a friend or a connection asking a question, answer it. If you not connecting with your followers and your friends, you going to be lost in the crowd. After all, a thoughtless post or tweet could have disastrous results. While this is certainly true, the unfortunate result is that many Twitter and Facebook profiles are completely devoid of originality, personality and substance. If you going to stand out, you need to be interesting and thought provoking. Post jokes, or commentary on popculture, or predictions for upcoming NFL games. Tweet using only haiku form for a couple of days. Be creative. Find a way to express yourself and your personality before you know it, you realize that followers and friends are looking forward to your next tweet or status update. As soon as anything of even minor importance happens, you can bet there will be thousands of posts announcing it and linking to news stories. Posting a link to a breaking news story will not help you stand out insightful analysis will. Let say you a stock broker and a new law was passed impacting the capital gains tax. Rather than simply providing a link to the story, add some instant analysis. Your tweet will stand out from the thousands of others, because you won simply be stating what happened, you be telling your audience what it means to them. cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans My life became devastated when my husband sent me packing, after 8 years that we have been together. I was lost and helpless aftertrying so many ways to make my husband take me back. One day at work, i was absent minded not knowing that my boss was calling me, so he sat and asked me what its was all about i told him and he smiled and said that it was not a problem. I never understand what he meant by it wasn a problem getting my husband back, he said he used a spell to get his wife back when she left him for another man and now they are together till date and at first i was shocked hearing such thing from my boss. He gave me an email address of the great spell caster who helped him get his wife back, i never believed this would work but i had no choice that to get in contact with the spell caster which i did, and he requested for my information and that of my husband to enable him cast the spell and i sent him the details, but after two days, my mom called me that my husband came pleading that he wants me back, i never believed it because it was just like a dream and i had to rush down to my mothers place and to my greatest surprise, myhusband was kneeling before me pleading for forgiveness that he wants me and the kid back home, then i gave Happy a call regarding sudden change of my husband and he made it clear to me that my husband will love me till the end of the world, that he will never leave my sight. Now me and my husband is back together again and has started doing pleasant things he hasn done before, he makes me happy and do what he is suppose to do as a man without nagging. cheap jordans

cheap nike air jordan This article takes the opposite tack: how and why, as leaders, you should sit and be still. Our emotions become contagious. When we, as leaders, feel positive, energized and enthusiastic about our work, so do those we influence.Honing the skills of awareness leads to mindfulness becoming aware of what’s going on inside and around us on several levels. Mindfulness is living in a state offull, conscious awareness of one’s whole self, other people and the context in which we live and work.Before you dismiss mindfulness as New Age rhetoric, pay attention to the research. A Buddhist trained HR executive, Michael Carroll encourages business leaders to take time to sit and be still. Stressed out executives, he maintains, need a way to reconnect with themselves to become more open and, consequently, more effective.In his new book, The Mindful Leader: Awakening Your Natural Management Skills Through Mindfulness Meditation (2008), Carroll explores the key principles of mindfulness and how they apply to leading organizations.Mindfulness meditation addresses a wide range of topics, including:to heal toxic workplace cultures where anxiety and stress impede creativity and performanceto cultivate courage and confidence in spite of workplace difficulties and economic recessionto pursue organizational goals without neglecting what’s happening here and nowto lead with wisdom and gentleness, not only with ambition, relentless drive and powera personal meditation practice develops your innate leadership talentsIn times of recession, experts make a strong case against panic and pessimism. There’s no better way to combat fear than to engage in the ancient practice of meditation, which enjoys a longstanding record of success. Even if you tend to shun New Age principles, this may be the time to keep an open mind and learn the tenets of mindfulness meditation.For many, the idea of pausing during a frantic workday to stop and sit still may seem absurd. and global workplaces are adopting mindfulness meditation. People are taking time to simply sit still and practice it: Companies like Raytheon, Procter Gamble, Unilever, Nortel Networks, Comcast and prominent law firms have offered employees classes in mindfulness meditation. Executives like Bill Ford Jr., chairman of Ford Motor Company; Michael Stephen, former chairman of Aetna International; Robert Shapiro, ex CEO of Monsanto; and Michael Rennie, managing partner of McKinsey Co., meditate and consider the practice beneficial to running a corporation.So, while some may view stopping and sitting still for 15 30 minutes an absurd prospect, it may be just the solution to prevent burnout and stress, especially in tough economic times cheap nike air jordan.

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