Enmity enchantment: Your character will have a skull icon

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Nothing too fancy, avaliable to everyone, free to change on every weekly reset.Healing enchantment; your character will have an first aid icon near it title and every healing skill you use will have now effect aoe to 200 range, give it a cooldown if you want.Chain enchantment; Character will have a zigzag icon near their title and your character every skill willdeal %1 more damage, stacking up to %10 while in combat, resets at the end of combat.Bulwark enchantment: Your character will have a shield icon. Everytime your character casts a skill with retaliate, aegis, protection, stability or resistance boon, they also gain 200 hp shield on their health pool.Enmity enchantment: Your character will have a skull icon. Lower health you have, more damage you deal up to %20 more damage at %5 healthStamina enchantment: The icon will be a black heart: Higher your character health is, more armor they have, up to %20 more armor, %5 less damage from condditions; scales with profession in use, instead of maximum hp any profession can obtain.Scout enchantment: Icon is a flag.

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