Do you honestly believe the ISAFP

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official canada goose outlet The disposal ends a stand of lasting several years between Lithuania and Russia over the implementation of EU rules which aim to separate gas supply from the ownership of distribution networks rules which have been strongly criticized by the Kremlin.The two gas companies were sold to two state owned entities for a combined 140.8 million euros ($191.7 million).Lietuvos Dujos sells gas to households and businesses and has a market share of 40 percent, while Amber Grid operates a gas transmission network.Gazprom was not immediately available to comment.Gazprom is supplier of a quarter of Europe gas needs and also faces an EU probe for suspected anti competitive behaviourin some eastern European markets, including overcharging customers and blocking rival suppliers.The Russian company said earlier this year it was keen to settle the antitrust investigation but would not be pushed into changing its pricing practices in eastern Europe by regulatory pressure.SEPARATION OF ASSETS The Lithuanian government said taking control of the country gas system would allow it to implement the EU rules that require the separation of supply and transmission assets.The government said it was open to the possibility of selling some of its holdings shares to outside investors, but had no immediate plans to do so.While Lithuania plans to start importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2015, Gazprom is buy canada goose jacket expected to remain a key gas supplier and the asset sale should not affect agreed gas prices until the end of 2015, officials said. [ID:nL6N0NU46E] Lithuania plans to import 0.54 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas via the LNG terminal in Klaipeda port per year. The country total gas consumption averages about 3 bcm.Gazprom exit from Lithuania could mark a turning point in the Baltic state relations with Russia, an important trade partner, former energy minister Arvydas Sekmokas said.went as far as to call Lithuania a robber who wants to canada goose black friday sale take away property from Gazprom, Sekmokas said, referring to the Russian president official canada goose outlet.

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