Dexia would be significantly weakened by a 50% Greek haircut

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Energy is a word one often hears. People say they get energy from all sorts of things and sometimes I must admit that I am not sure what they mean. There aren’t many calories in vegetables, but I often hear someone say he/she gets energy from eating a lot of vegetables.

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Of the larger listed banks, only one, the Franco Belgian group Dexia, looks as though it would be seriously hurt by a Greek debt writedown. According to Morgan Stanley, Dexia has 4.9bn euros of exposure to Greek sovereign debt, equivalent to more than half the value of its equity capital. Dexia would be significantly weakened by a 50% Greek haircut..

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The church was perhaps the only institution available to enslaved people. “It was undoubtedly a haven of hope and a site of solace for those who were enduring the suffocation of slavery,” said Mark William Olson, of Shiloh Baptist Church’s history and archives committee. In 1863, freed slaves from the Fredericksburg church founded the Shiloh Baptist Church in the District..

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