Cop convicted of criminal sexual misconduct with 16 year old

admin on 14 de Janeiro de 2014

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Replica Bags Hennepin County attorney candidates face off during Minneapolis forumOctober 24, 2018With less than two weeks to go before the election, incumbent Mike Freeman and his challenger Mark Haase discussed what they would do to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system.Infamous drug dealer on case list of accused Eden Prairie detectiveOctober 19, 2018Travis Serafin was replica handbags online a “peripheral witness” on an investigation of Beverly Burrell, who was convicted in the murders of three men who overdosed on drugs she sold them. It’s not clear how Serafin’s alleged lie in another case affects Burrell.Former Mpls. Cop convicted of criminal sexual misconduct with 16 year old girlOctober 17, 2018David Edward Campbell, 60, has been found guilty of multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct involving a 16 year old girl.’This is something that we can call our own’October 15, 2018After more than a half century serving north Minneapolis, the family owned Estes Funeral Chapel one of the oldest black owned businesses still operating in Minnesota celebrated the grand opening of its new facility Sunday.Signs in Minneapolis police cars will alert immigrants of their right to remain silentOctober 10, 2018The signs, printed in English and in Spanish, tell readers that they’re not required to answer questions about where they were born, immigration status or citizenship.Even as Minneapolis crime dips, gun violence still looms largeOctober 10, 2018Minneapolis Police Department data show a drop in reported violent crime across the city Replica Bags.

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