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Explaining the right wing bias of No Agenda

buy canada goose jacket Coming back, I’m noticing a right wing bias. Judging by reddit posts such as this and this and Adam’s comments on the show disputing his Trump allegiance, it looks like I’m not alone. Others are seeing this too. buy canada goose jacket

Adam and John are not “right wingers” though the show does have a natural bias that is right of center and I can understand the show’s defense of Trump.

The show’s true bias is that of anti canada goose outlet price establishment and anti mainstream media. It’s well known that the news media and popular culture is liberally bias and therefore anti establishment views will naturally align themselves with right wing politics.

canada goose coats The media is absolutely against Republicans. Trump is not being treated fairly and the canada goose vest outlet comparisons to Hitler are insulting not just to Trump but to the American people. Calling someone Hitler is a cheap trick. It was shitty when Adam compared Obama to Hitler in episode 62 and it’s shitty when people do it to Trump. It’s a well known fallacy that unfortunately continues to be used because of its effectiveness. canada goose coats

I like the show. I’ll still listen and anonymously donate but coming back to the show a little older canada goose outlet las vegas and wiser, I’m seeing it more clearly.

canada goose black friday sale It is important to maintain suspicion of the mainstream but it is dangerous to seek out only anti mainstream views which is what I think the show does too often. Be skeptical of CNN canada goose outlet store uk but remember to be skeptical of NA too. Bias is really hard to spot especially in one’s reflection. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale First, if your yardstick is reddit posts, you already on the wrong track. Compared to the stereotypical reddit user, Karl Marx has a right wing bias. I wouldn judge left or right by what gets posted on reddit. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose Second, of all of the media criticism on the show, the obvious left bias is just about the last thing that John and Adam pick apart. That the media is cripplingly biased in one direction is so widely accepted as an axiom that it not even an interesting topic for the show. The deconstruction is much more about the creative and brazen ways that the media tells bald faced lies to manipulate the public. It is unimportant to the analysis which way they trying to manipulate you; the critical takeaway is how you being manipulated, so that you may recognize it in the future and make up your own mind. canada goose

canada goose uk black friday Finally, IMO the fact that you still appear to believe there a material difference between the two parties tells me that you still not really paying attention canada goose outlet to what happening in politics today. Republicans and Democrats, in collusion with mainstream media are desperately trying to keep you in an us vs them mindset, constantly hating on the guy opposite the aisle, canada goose outlet eu content in the firm belief that all of the ills of the world would be solved if that guy would just step in front of a bus, all the while manipulating that guy into believing the same about you. canada goose uk black friday

What big hot topic issues between the left and right really impact your daily lives?

Abortion? If you not pregnant (or planning to be) with a kid you don want, this is really none of your concern.

Immigration? There might be a 3rd order economic effect from an increase in available labor pool, but nobody can say for sure what that is (anybody who does say for sure is lying for political reasons). Probably not going to impact your daily life, unless you live in low income housing within 20mi of the border.

Canada Goose sale But what issues really affect your daily life? Canada Goose sale

Taxes and spending. Both parties want increases. There is some quibbling about from whom and on what. Meanwhile more and more of your earnings fall into that black hole underneath the Pentagon (Politics 1 taboo subject), and so much gets wasted on lobbyists special projects that the probability you will ever collect a dime of Social Security trends toward zero.

canada goose clearance sale Foreign Policy. Obama and GW Bush read from the same canada goose victoria parka outlet “Advance America Interests By Bombing Foreign Countries” playbook that Clinton canada goose jacket outlet sale and GHW Bush wrote. The only thing that changes is who we bombing and what excuse is being used for doing so. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale Police state. Both parties are in complete lockstep on militarizing the police, increasing illegal surveillance, banning digital encryption, and generally disregarding the Bill of Rights whenever it seems inconvenient. canada goose coats on sale

Campaign finance reform. It seems to come up often enough on both sides, usually during off election years, and almost always from the minority party. It clearly an important topic with the voters. But when that party comes to power, they always seem to be too busy spending special interest money to remember to do anything about it.

So yeah, there is an us vs them situation in modern politics today, but it really the public on one side, and on the other side you have party insiders, career politicians, corporate lobbyists, big banks, big pharma, big insurance, and campaign contributors rich enough to get noticed by the candidates people known as elites in NA parlance.

Do Adam and John have a bias? Of course they do. Everybody does. Anybody who claims they are unbiased is lying. But are Adam and John left wing or right canada goose outlet black friday wing? If canada goose outlet locations in toronto you really been listening since show 1, you understand by now that those terms are ideologically bankrupt and you wouldn be using them.

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