But I tried to pick out ones that could easily help people

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1 point submitted 3 years agoI think Schubert teaches it next semester, and that who I had. I thought he was great. I not familiar with Bhat, so I can comment, but Micro with Schubert was pretty low key and easy. But I tried to pick out ones that could easily help people farm!For water, I have Waver, Jalter and Mash is standard for CE holding so while it will take longer due to ST, at least it has bonus. And if you don have the 2 5 then Mash will always have you covered. But yeah it figures water would be the most inconvenient.Grassfield: Use Sabers for clearing.Cavern: Use Archers and AoE Zerks for clearing.Beach: Good thing I leveled Nyanta, and good thing Waver there to support her awful NP gain.

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