Aside Glance: After Ramada tells Topper how she envisions

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mortals suffer as gods have their sport

Designer Replica Bags Abnormal Ammo: After running out of arrows (all trying to hit just one guy who is completely oblivious to him) Topper improvises with a nearby chicken. Topper then uses empty bullet casings to kill ten enemy soldiers. Absurdly Sharp Blade: Inverted; Topper’s sword breaks when it hits a wax candle. Achilles in His Tent: Topper refuses to leave the Buddhist monastery and join the hostage rescue team, because he is still sulking over his breakup with Ramada. He signs up, though, when Walters is captured. Action Hero: Played for Laughs with Topper. He kills hundreds of Iraqi soldiers with his M 60 and makes use of some utterly hilarious weapons such as loose bullets and a chicken. Amusing Injuries: The Running Gag of Benson having sustained many of those in the past continues. Arrow Cam: In a spoof ofa certain scene in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Topper uses a chicken as an arrow to shoot at an enemy soldier. It works. Artistic License Geography: Played for laughs, with the American strike team infiltrating a prison compound in the Iraqi jungles. At one point, a map of the Middle East is shown, with a large portion of eastern Iraq marked as a separate country. It is bordered on one side by “Iraq” and on the other by “A Hard Place”. Aside Glance: After Ramada tells Topper how she envisions their potential relationship (see Ask a Stupid Question. below). Ask a Stupid Question.: Awesomely subverted! Topper: Do you have any idea what would happen if you stayed? Designer Replica Bags

Replica Designer Handbags His books are:Independent Books Contest: In the New York City Library, aliens and one chosen human fight to the death. Temple: William Race is a language professor tasked with translating a manuscript that will reveal the location of an Incan idol, capable of powering a doomsday device. Hover Car Racer: A kid tries to win the Hover Car Racing World Championship. Notably released for free on the internet, as a serial, and Reilly sold the publishing rights for the princely sum of AU. The Tournament: A thirteen year old Elizabeth Tudor gets mixed up in a murder plot while attending a high profile chess tournament. Troll Mountain: In a fantasy world where humans are under the thumb of oppressive trolls, an inventor named Raf braves their mountains to steal a cure for his dying sister. Initially published as an e book only, originally in three parts, it received a print release in 2015. The Great Zoo Of China: An expert on reptiles is invited to a brand new zoo in China as part of a group of foreign journalists, only for events at the zoo to rapidly spiral out of control when the animals contained within dragons, revived after millions of years of hibernation start to fight back. Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Bags Once in Mordant, Terisa realizesthat she is there for a reason the mirror wielding magicians, called Imagers, believe she is The Chosen One to bring peace to Mordant, which is about to be attacked and is slowly deteriorating under the control of a mad king. Terisa thinks they are mistaken, but she cannot go back, especially after one of the most powerful Imagers, Master Eremis, begins to notice her. Abusive Parents: Both of Terisa’s parents, but especially her father, who is described as a cold, sarcastic man. Adorkable: Geraden just can’t stop fumbling, stumbling and blathering nonsense, making him the polar opposite of suave, confident Eremis. However, his unmistakable good intentions and solid determination to keep trying no matter how many times he fails gives him a charm all of his own. The Alcoholic: The Tor. All Love Is Unrequited: Elega, to Nyle. Always a Bigger Fish: Artagel is the best swordsman in all of Mordant, but the Monomach is better. Always Chaotic Evil: The callat, the mysterious species befriended by Eremis are describedas such by him. Ambiguously Gay: Geraden says his brother Wester is the hottest thing on two legs, but isn’t interested in women. Amusing Injuries: When we meet Stead, he’s recovering from some broken bones, courtesy of a cuckolded husband. What makes his injuries amusing, aside from how he got them, is the way he refuses to let them stop him from continuing his womanising ways. At one point, Terisa wakes up to find that he’s climbed into bed with her. She understandably freaks out and pushes him off the bed, and he turns out to be unable to get up from the floor thanks to his injuries and he still keeps cheerfully hitting on Terisa and trying to sell her on the idea of sleeping with him. Mood Whiplash/Wham Line: Terisa is amused by his attempts until Stead matter of factly says she must not think of Geraden as a man, because if she did, why is she here and not in Geraden’s bed? She does just that immediately after, and finally expresses her feelings for Geraden to him personally. Anachronism Stew: Due to the Imagers’ ability to access many worlds, at many different stages of development, a lot of anachronistic technology gets pulled into Mordant, but only in isolated examples which cannot be replicated (and advanced technologies have no way to maintain their power, so eventually run down and become useless). And now a blow for King Joyse. Then back to the beginning again. A blow for everyone he had ever loved, everyone who had ever died Replica Bags.

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