Ancient Egyptians thought the stars in the belt represented

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Larry Hogan Wins Maryland Governor RaceGov. Larry Hogan has won Maryland governor race. He is the first GOP governor to win a second term in Maryland since 1954.Family Dog Dies Trying To Protect Woman From AssaultA 24 year old manwas arrested for assault and animal cruelty after he allegedly stabbed and killed a dog and injured its owner.Charges: 10 Year Old Girl Killed Baby Boy By Stomping On His Head At Day CareA 10 year old girl faces charges in the death of a 6 month old baby after allegedly stomping on the boy head at an in home day care center in Wisconsin.Calvin Ball Wins Howard County ExecutiveCalvin Ball is the winner in the race for Howard County Executive.Maryland’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Turns Deadly: Officer Kills Man Who Refused To Turn In GunA 60 year old man is dead after he was shot by an officer trying to enforce Maryland new flag law in Ferndale Monday morning.Democratic Challenger Steuart Pittman Wins Anne Arundel County ExecutiveDemocratic challenger Steuart Pittman has won the race for Anne Arundel County Executive, unseating Republican Steve Schuh.John Olszewski Jr.

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