Allen helped Bullis set a meet record at the Millrose Games in

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Replica Hermes uk The Tennessee signee was dominantin his final high school indoor season for Bullis. He replica bags clocked the nation’s top time in the 200 meters (20.91 seconds at the University of Kentucky High School Invitational) and the second best time in the 300 hermes birkin replica meters (32.84 at The VA Showcase), and he finished second in the 55 meter dash at the Millrose Games with a personal replica hermes oran sandals best time of 6.36. Allen helped Bullis set a meet record at the Millrose Games in the 4×200 (1:27.16) and was part of the Bulldogs’ area best 4×400 team that finished in 3:19.42 at the Dr. Replica Hermes uk

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