All photographers will be guided in and out of the venue

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But at the same time, we were sure we were convinced that he wouldn’t matter in the end. His movement was something , I figured then. Trumpism was a thing. Sign in / Join NowSummaryThe bull market just turned nine, but history and positive fundamentals indicate that it might have many more years to run.That doesn mean that one can or shouldn prepare for the next recession and the bear market that goes with it.I updating both my risk protocols as well as my plans for the next bear market.Because when the first true crash in a decade comes, I intend to take full advantage of it. I am not recommending anyone mirror this portfolio, which is merely designed to show my unique, rule based , methodical approach to value focused, long term, dividend growth investing.My situation is unique, as though only 31, I’m already retired (medical retirement from the Army) , thus making thisportfolio an income focused retirement portfolio (though in a taxable account). I’m also working full time (self employed), and thus have an external source of income to continually add to this portfolio.

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iphone 8 case The University’s technical team will, however, do what they can to boost the signal for media usage.Site Surveys for all video and broadcast media are available upon request, and are indeed encouraged by the University’s technical team. To schedule a Site Survey or request further information on transmission and technical matters, please inquire with the Media Set Up Logistics Technical Contact listed below.There will be a strict 5 minute window of opportunity afforded exclusively for credentialed STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS from external media inside the Kasser Theater at the very open of the debate. All photographers will be guided in and out of the venue accordingly and are required to follow procedural instructions from Montclair State University and NJTV representatives at that time.Pool photography of the debate in progress will be provided by NJTV/Montclair State University.There will be no on site external audio/video recording or still photography inside the Kasser Theater permitted once the debate begins.Media outlets planning to send still photographers to cover the event, please indicate so on their RSVP form or inquire with the Media Contacts listed below.Radio outlets are welcome to record audio via NJTV’s live coverage per the OFF SITE VIDEO RECORDING restrictions outlined below. iphone 8 case

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