After the stars had been cheap moncler coats mens cut out

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Wooden Star Map

We just had our first child and being a space nerd I wanted to commemorate it with a print of the night sky the day she was born. You can purchase prints like these online, but I wanted to take moncler online store it a step further and make it light up! Here moncler usa are the materials and tools I used to make cheap moncler jackets womens it:1/4 best moncler jackets in plywood moncler uk outlet 1×4 Pine moncler sale outlet BoardsWhite Spray Paint (I used an old lousy can, but I’d recommend this brand!) LED LightsFrame Mounting Hooks Wood GlueBrad Nails Walnut StainCaulkToolsX Carve 1/32 Drill Bit 60 Degree V Carve Bit Table SawMiter SawBrad NailerAir Compressor1/2 in Forstner BitClamps Caulk GunStep 1: Create the Star Map ImageI used the Inventables X moncler sale online Carve to drill out all uk moncler sale the stars. To do that I need moncler outlet to download the star map on the day and time my daughter was born. There are several sites online that will create prints like these for you, and I used Greater Skies. discount moncler jackets I did have to pay moncler outlet store for the print, but unlike other companies that do the same thing, they allow you to download the PDF for around cheap moncler jackets $30. Since I’m using moncler outlet online the Inventables X Carve, moncler outlet sale I wanted to get the file into their free software Easel. I found that uk moncler outlet my file was too large to import directly, so I first brought it into Vectric’s V Carve and then exported G Code to then import into EaselStep 2: Cut Out All the Stars Using a CNCThis step took a looooong time. All in all, there were a little over moncler outlet woodbury 2000 cheap moncler sale holes that it took the Inventables X Carve 6 hours to drill!I used a 1/32 bit to get the stars(holes) as small as possible. One thing I wasn’t able to replicate was the varying star sizes in the original print, but the result still was great.After the stars had been cheap moncler coats mens cut out, I spray painted the top white. I painted the sign before carving out moncler sale all the words so that the wood color would show through the top coat moncler womens jackets of paint.Part 1After trimming the cheap moncler jackets mens final sign to size, I first made 1×3 strips of construction pine for the walls. These were butt jointed together with wood glue and brad nails. I took all my measurements directly from the finished sign.Part 2The lights moncler outlet prices have an adhesive back that I wrapped them around the inside of the frame. I then used a 1/2 Forstner bit to drill a hole in the side of the frame to route the end of the LED cable through.NOTE: If I were going to make this again I would have put the plug flush with the side of the frame to keep the wire from dangling from it when not plugged in.

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