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People stopped along the highway Sunday as the building burned, including Ronald Erjavec, whose father, also named Ronald, built the restaurant, originally called R Drive In, in 1956. “To me it’s just the memories this was my childhood; this is where I grew up and it was about our family,” Erjavec told WDIO. By late Sunday morning, Facebook commenters had shifted from raves about the Ziggy burger (bacon, mushrooms, American cheese) to condolences about the loss.

He is very optimistic about spreading the word about equine options. “EAGALA are providing an awful lot of support for Ireland at the moment,” he says. “And they envision a world where everybody has access to equine assisted psychotherapy and learning.

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Lured into a world of murder, drugs and cash: The two. Mexican Kim Kardashian lookalike ‘takes over as boss of. Prince Harry in shock as father of close friend shoots. After the dogs were discovered they were transported to the James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society located at 437 Nine Mile Tree Road, which contracts with Stratford, as well as other municipalities, to take in stray animals. Christie Rust, the president of the organization, said one of the dogs was in very bad shape and had to be transported to an animal hospital.

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As a member of the Penn State Altoona family for more than twenty years, and now as its Chancellor and Dean, I have remained excited about the achievements of our college. I have witnessed remarkable growth, both in the quantity of building projects and enrollments as well as the quality of our student body, academic programs, faculty, and student activities. I am committed to its programs, people, and community and care deeply about the college and its continued success.

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