14: This is the first of seven crucial AFC East showdowns

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cheap jordans for sale The question is, who’s truly contending and who’s pretending?The contender class of the conference appears to reside in Florida, with the Dolphins and Jaguars.Miami, fresh off its 17 0 whipping of Tennessee, sits tied with Jacksonville for the best record in the NFL at 7 1. Both teams are playing suffocating defense as we hit midseason.But let’s remember that only two weeks ago, the Rams looked invincible in the NFC before they showed a few weaknesses during their current two game losing streak.The belief here is there will be no dominant team certainly no one like the Broncos of the last few years in the second half because the AFC contenders are all very close, and they’ll knock off each other. 14: This is the first of seven crucial AFC East showdowns among the four contenders, and it’s particularly important because if the Bills don’t slow down Miami, the Dolphins could start a run toward the division Steelers at Titans, Nov. cheap jordans for sale

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