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This happens with dogs. If you haven noticed, dogs (and cats) watching TV is a recent phenomenon. That because TV used to only show things at a max of 30fps, which is slow enough that apparently for dogs it is just a slew of still images, or something uninteresting.

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moncler moncler outlet in france outlet It is your duty to decide whether the Crown has proved Gerald Stanley guilt beyond a monlcer down jackets reasonable doubt. It is not my role to express any view on the guilt or innocence of Mr. Stanley. Amidst all of the theatrics, however, and the frenzied focus on how quickly and how permanently Donald Trump will lead us into the gutter (or the abyss), we need to remember that he is a small, weird, and likely self destructing product of much deeper and longer term environmental, demographic, and technological forces that can either lift us to new heights or cast us into shadow, but which either way will change our world in directions Donald Trump can barely comprehend and can certainly not control. Trump is the one being moved. He is not the mover moncler outlet.

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